Bing Ads has been set-up on Adloop

Bing Ads Data Connection

Basic connector (included in Premium plan)

Thanks to the native Bing Ads API connector, Adloop will be able to retrieve and unify this data, and this happens in the Data Sources menu.

Dimensions and metrics like campaign names and Bing Ads, but also impressions, Clicks, Ad spend, Conversions and Revenues attributed by Bing Ads and many more can be imported into Adloop.

The raw Bing Ads data will be processed in different ways, through Normalization, or Marketing Attribution. These processes serve respectively to aggregate data of the same nature into standard Dimensions or Metrics (easier reporting), and to calculate attributed metrics. Note that Adloop Marketing Attribution requires the Premium Tracking & Attribution connector to be activated.

The raw data will still be available at any time, and will be kept as is in the Adloop datamart.

Finally, ALL Bing Ads data, whether attributed or raw, will be available in Adloop’s Reports, Exports, and Notifications features.

In short :

Reports are used to analyze, compare and cross-reference all digital marketing data in our reporting system;

Exports are used to send and update Bing Ads data in marketing dashboards such as Google Data Studio, Tableau or even Excel but also to feed Datamarts or Data Lakes;

Notifications are there to send alerts on campaign events to marketing teams, such as data and media consultants in agencies for example.

The amount of imported data will be 1 year at the time of the first connection, then the API will be solicited to update them every 3 hours.

No technical skills required.

If you need support or have any question, please fill in the following form or send us an email to:

What can I do with Adloop?

  • Access and synchronize all your data in one place
  • Create better data across channels, normalize key metrics 
  • Gain new insights with granular campaign recommendations
  • Export your new data to your favorite destinations