A quick update on the survival of digital marketers’ favorite food.

Cookie survival rate November 2021

Are we living in a cookie-less world?

Not yet. Third party cookies can be effected and first party cookies much less.

What effects cookies?

  • Browsers: all of them reject third-party cookies by default except Chrome – yet Chrome is 60%+ market share … so 60%+ of third-party cookies survive at least until 2023 as Google has decided 🙏.
  • Privacy: no consent, no cookies whether first or third party.
  • Ad blockers: well, yes, they’re still around.

What does it change?

Audiences / Targeting : they’re affected because mostly these rely on third party cookies (except for GGL and FB).
Platform tracking : tracking of conversions and revenues via pixels on sites are affected (several pixels rely on third party cookies, others on first party cookies).
Analytics : affected by consent (because analytics = first party cookies in most cases).
Attribution : affected by consent (because attribution = first party cookies in most cases).

Solutions ?

Prefer first party cookies when possible. Adapt your stats by extrapolating to correct the effect.

A reminder for marketers

Third-party cookies = advertising
First-party cookies = analytics

The cookie survival rate :

First party cookie : 80% (consent rate)
Third party cookie : 80% (consent rate) * 60% (browsers) = 48%