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All positions in the digital marketing value chain will find value in using Adloop.

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With Adloop, you’ll have immediate, unfiltered access to campaign data, whether from media platforms or generated by our trusted third-party measurement algorithms.

You’ll also improve your teams’ responsiveness to unexpected campaign events, thanks to Smart Alerts. And you’ll improve the profitability of your media budget by reducing advertising waste with Smart Recos.


No more wasted time with Adloop, the tasks of compiling data from advertising platforms or building reports are automated thanks to our API connectors and Reporting interface, accessible without any technical knowledge.

With Smart Alerts, you’ll receive notifications of anomalies in campaigns currently on air, so you can act faster.


The Adloop datamart centralizes all marketing data at the most granular level, with all indicators automatically standardized. Our matching systems link ad-centric and site-centric dimensions.

Conditional dimensions, calculated metrics and a universal data connector enable you to enrich your data according to your own needs.


With Adloop , you can manage the reporting and marketing analytics needs of dozens of customers in parallel. Use our template library to create dashboards tailored to your customers’ needs, and share them with them in just a few clicks.

Thanks to Smart Alerts, you can monitor changes in media budgets and react quickly to any unexpected increases or decreases.

Your consultants spend less time on repetitive tasks and can focus more on campaign optimization.

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