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Connect Everything

Data Centralization

Control Your Data

Connect & sync data to create a comprehensive marketing picture with our no-code data connectors and start saving hours per week.

  • Data Connectors
    Add data from over 200 popular data sources;  don’t see a connector? No worries, we have a solution for custom data imports too.
  • Data History
    Access 1 year of historical data (and up to 5 years on request) to gain insights from a wealth of historical information.
  • Data Syncing
    Stay on top of your marketing campaigns with data updates every 3 hours. Make informed decisions as you watch your campaigns evolve.


Explore Marketing Insights

Create beautiful reports & dashboards to share insights with your team and make better decisions about campaigns & budgeting.

  • Easy Customization
    Tailor your reports to match your unique requirements. Extensive customization options, allowing you to create reports that reflect your evolving business needs.
  • Secure Sharing
    Share sensitive reports securely with external partners. Control who sees your data while fostering teamwork and data-driven decision-making.
  • Fast Loading
    Say goodbye to frustrating latency delays with lightning-fast loading times.

Behavioural Attribution

Discover the True Impact of Campaigns

Uncover the true performance of your ad campaigns. Turn your ad data into high performing new actions that deliver better converting traffic and sales.

  • Full-Funnel KPIs
    Gain precision KPIs at ad-level across channels & funnel stages. Confidently challenge ad platform reporting with an independent Single Source of Truth.
  • Standard & Data-driven Attribution Models
    Dive into customer psychology with Adloop’s data-driven behavioral attribution model and analyze the influence of every touchpoint on every conversion.
  • Comparing Attributed Measurement
    In order to give full performance context, Attributed KPIs from different Adloop models can be compared one to antother and also with metrics coming from Ad & Analytics platforms.

Smart Alerts

Get Performance Insights: Fast

Anomaly detection and proactive alerting system powered by high-performance ad analysis algorithms to monitor your ad data 24/7.

  • Anomaly Detection
    Our cutting-edge algorithms provide real-time alerts the moment anything out of the ordinary arises to help your team respond faster and maintain peak campaign performance.
  • Budget Monitoring
    Stay in control of your budget with Adloop’s daily and weekly budget monitoring digests to keep your marketing budgets on track.
  • Channel & Ad Insights
    Gain a competitive edge with weekly and monthly paid channel analysis & insights to allocate your advertising spend more effectively.

Smart Recos (beta)

Next Level Data-driven Decisions

Discover a harmonious fusion of cutting-edge behavioral algorithms and human expertise that takes ad optimization to the next level to truly propel your campaigns.

  • Behavioral Intelligence
    Cutting edge data learning systems assess campaigns at every stage of the marketing funnel, crunching scenarios to forecast a comprehensive set of insights about your campaigns.
  • Active Recommendations
    Beyond monitoring, active recommendations are bucketed into a priority of key recommendations to grow sales and optimize your budget most effectively.

Data Governance

Your Data. Your Way.

Streamline your data management and analysis processes, ensuring you have the insights you need to make better informed decisions.

  • Data Normalization
    Your ad data is always ready to review and compare. Say goodbye to the confusion of disparate data metrics and embrace the simplicity of unified marketing data.
  • Cross-Platform Matching
    Your data flows automatically and cohesively from connected data sources. No more data silos – connect the dots for a comprehensive view of your marketing activities.
  • Dimensions & Metrics
    Tailor your data analysis. Whether you want to group ads or calculate metrics across channels, use customized dimensions & metrics for precision insights.

Data Protection

Data Privacy at its Core

We’ve designed features that prioritize data security while providing the flexibility you need to drive success

  • Cookie Consent
    A part of Adloop features is exempt from cookie consent. When consent is required, you can use our built-in KPIs extrapolation system to correct data.
  • Anonymous Data
    With Attribution feature enabled on our platform, consent is required, but your data remains completely anonymous. Enjoy the benefits of detailed insights while ensuring data privacy.
  • Secure Hosting
    Our GDPR compliant platform is securely hosted in France in partnership with a major independent data center provider.