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Unified campaign reporting

Available in plan : Start

Our API connectors synchronize with advertising platforms, analytics tools, your CRM and more – in seconds. A year’s worth of data in just a few minutes, refreshed every 3 hours for the most up-to-date figures. What’s more, your data is automatically normalized and classified for easy access.

Create tailor-made KPIs, reports and dashboards to meet the needs of your organization and employees, with no dependence on developers or third-party providers. Browse your channels’ granularity levels in just a few clicks.

No more tedious checking of budgets every morning, Smart Alerts: Budget monitors your marketing channels and alerts you to unusual variations in spending from one day or week to the next. Key KPIs are also analyzed and any anomalies indicated.

Single source of truth for your campaigns

Available in plan : Scale

Reconciliate paths to conversion & non-conversion in order to calculate attributed conversion as well as traffic quality KPIs (consideration level). Customize the Data-Driven model yourself by selecting and weighting user actions on your sites according to their depth of engagement.

Ad platforms evaluate the performance of their campaigns without taking other marketing channels into account (Search ignores Social, which ignores Display). With Adloop’s Real data, you can compare Ad-Centric and attribution KPIs at each funnel level: Conversion, Consideration, Awareness.

Monitoring algorithms continuously analyze all your marketing activities, sending you weekly and monthly analyses of channel performance across all funnel levels. Obvious anomalies and notable variations are pointed out to draw your attention to sources of loss and opportunities for additional sales..

Media Budget Optimization

Available in plan : Enterprise

Take automatic data analysis a step further with our Channel Insights algorithms. Each channel’s performance is analyzed in all its granularity, with weekly and monthly reports indicating areas for optimization. Share insights with your team and agencies for immediate action.

Our recommendation algorithms isolate the ineffective and over-performing parts of your advertising devices for each channel and campaign objective. They also calculate potential savings and additional sales. You can download the selections as data streams and integrate them into your media management tools.

You benefit from a single contact in our team of digital marketing optimization experts. He or she will support you in both the technical aspects and business decisions relating to your digital marketing, and will guide you independently of advertising platforms in making the best choices to get the most out of your marketing budget.

Precision Analytics

Experience the Future of Data-driven Marketing Analytics

Turn your ad data into high performing campaigns that drive better converting traffic into more revenue.