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Google Data Studio Templates

Paid Channel Performance by Adloop

In this template, you will find an overview of your costs and revenues according to the different channels you use in your marketing mix. Different graphs and tables allow you to see your most important metrics according to a table by channel. Your budgets and revenues are displayed by period so that you have a clear idea of the evolution of your campaigns.

The goal is to offer you a very visual template that allows you to know at a glance where you stand, either thanks to our color codes that easily show the profitable channels and those that are less profitable, or the pie charts at the bottom of the page highlighting the most dominant channels according to the metrics of your choice.

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Comparison of paid channels by attribution model

In this template, the focus is on the comparison of channels by attribution model between Ad-centric and Site-centric. In this example, it is Facebook Ads and Google Ads, of course, any channel can be added.

You will find classic metrics such as budget, conversions and CPA with their evolution but also a global view on each channel.

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