Notifications Alerts with Adloop

What are notifications?

The notification alert is a message sent to your connected devices when an event (or non-event) that interests you occurs, to warn you in the simplest and most direct way possible.

In the context of its use for marketing campaigns, the main purpose of the notification is to inform users of what is happening on their campaigns, in real time.

Why are notification alerts important?

With 8 marketing channels and hundreds of active ads continuously, marketers can’t be on every platform all the time. However, they need to monitor their campaigns in case things don’t go as planned.

Notification alerts will allow you to follow one or two marketing channels simultaneously, a campaign or even a creative.

They are triggered according to various and customizable parameters, either because a metric has crossed a threshold, increased, or because you want to follow its progress.

The frequency of information is to be determined by the user, or if a threshold is crossed or a goal is reached, the platform will send the notification immediately.

There are several destinations available for notification alerts, the objective being to inform a person but also a team. Thus, email is a notification channel, but also professional messaging applications such as Slack, Google Chat or Teams.

The benefits of Notifications

The advantage of this feature is that there is no need to connect to the advertising or analytics platforms to be alerted on the evolution of the campaign.

In a hurried world drowned in a flood of information of all kinds, notification remains the simplest way to warn an interested party of the occurrence of an event.

The customization of notifications and the number of parameters available means that we are informed of everything that interests us, and only of what interests us.

How do we do in Adloop?

In Adloop, notifications are fully customizable, and many parameters are available to indicate exactly what information you want to be notified about.

Components of a Notification in Adloop

In order to provide functional alerts, Adloop needs to assign several components to the notification. The notification needs to be assigned its Type, Destination, Source, Metric, Periodicity, Scanning Period, and finally its Name.

The Notification Type is the trigger of the notification, the event that will cause it to be sent. The types of notifications are determined by the Adloop team, which may add new ones from time to time.

The Destination is the application to which the notification will be sent. This requires that you have created a Notification Destination.

The Source is the data source from which you want to receive a notification. It determines the content of the notification, and in some cases, you can select several sources on one notification. You can also filter the Source to limit the field (for example, select a single Facebook Ads campaign).

The Metric is simply the one that is used as the basis for triggering the notification.

The Frequency is the frequency with which you will receive the notification.

The Period is the period over which the metric will be analyzed to determine what the notification will send.

Finally, the Name is the one that will be assigned to the notification. It is totally free but we advise you to be precise because if you have 15 active notifications a day, you will be happy that they are well-named.

Notification types available in Adloop

In Adloop, there are five types of notifications available, providing a comprehensive and customizable tool for tracking the progress of a campaign or marketing channels. You can receive Zero, Threshold, Goal, Variation and Tracking notifications.

The ZERO notification type allows you to receive an alert when a metric is equal to 0.

Example: receive every Monday the Google Ads keywords that made 0 conversions over the past week, or receive every day the Facebook Ads that made 0 clicks the day before.

The THRESHOLD type alerts when a threshold is reached or exceeded.

Example: receive a notification when expenses exceed 10.000€ over 7 days in the Google Ads channel.

The GOAL notification type is sent to track progress toward a goal.

Example: Receive every Monday the progress of my expenses towards the goal of 10.000€ over 7 days in the Google Ads channel.

The CHANGE type alerts when a metric varies by a certain percentage up or down compared to the previous period.

Example: receive a notification when the Google Ads keywords have made 0 conversions over the past week.

Finally, the type of notification FOLLOWING allows you to receive a notification that indicates the value of a metric over a given period S (expressed in the value of the metric).Example: receive every Monday the Google Ads keywords that have made 0 conversions over the past week.