Marketing Attribution with Adloop

Marketing attribution: why and what for ?

What is marketing attribution?

Marketing attribution is the practice of evaluating the influence of the various marketing touchpoints a consumer encounters on their path to conversion.

The goal of attribution is to determine which channels and messages had the most impact on the decision to convert, or take the next step.

There are several popular attribution models used by marketers today, such as multi-touch attribution, lift studies, time decay, etc. 

Why is marketing attribution important?

Advanced marketing attribution programs require marketing teams to aggregate and normalize consumer data from all channels to ensure that each interaction is properly weighted. For example, if a consumer is exposed to a display ad and an email campaign, but only converts after seeing a special promotion in the email, marketers may note that this piece of collateral played a more important role in the sale than the display ad. They can then devote more resources to creating targeted e-mail campaigns.

To achieve the level of data granularity required for effective attribution, marketing teams need advanced analytics platforms like Adloop that can accurately and efficiently allocate credit for a conversion to the touchpoints that contributed to it.

Benefits of marketing attribution

Optimize marketing spend

Attribution models give marketers insight into how best to spend marketing dollars by showing which touchpoints get the most engagement. This allows marketing teams to adjust budgets and media spend accordingly.

Increased ROI

Effective attribution allows marketers to reach the right consumer, at the right time, with the right message – resulting in increased conversions and better marketing ROI.

Improved personalization

Marketers can use attribution data to understand each customer’s preferred messages and channels to more effectively target customers along their journey.   

Improved product development

Person-level attribution allows marketers to better understand the needs of their consumers. This information can then be used to update the product to target the features consumers want.

Creative Optimization

Attribution models that can evaluate the creative elements of a campaign allow marketers to refine messaging and visual elements and better understand how and when to communicate with users. 

Marketing Attribution in Adloop

Adloop Tracking & Attribution (Premium Data Source)

To take advantage of Adloop’s marketing attribution features, you need to activate the Adloop Tracking & Attribution Data Source feature (included in the premium subscription) and follow the setup steps.

Attributed Metrics and Attributed KPIs

Our attribution models will automatically calculate the metrics and indicators you need to measure for better effectiveness of your advertising investments – ad by ad, keyword by keyword.

Those Attributed metrics and KPIs are available in the Adloop Datamart and you can compare them with other metrics & KPIs provided by the advertising platforms or analytics tools.

The main metrics we calculate include: attributed conversions, attributed revenue, and engagement score (ie. engagement measures the level of interaction with the brand of a user after exposition to an ad)

We’ll also provide you with attributed KPIs such as attributed acquisition cost, attributed ROAS, engagement score per visit etc. You can create custom KPI metrics with our calculated metrics creation interface.

Conversion Paths

Adloop automatically analyses your marketing data and reconstructs user conversion paths for you and makes them available in detailed path reports.

You can access general path statistics such as the number of touchpoints per path or the conversion time, but more importantly, you can see detailed conversion paths for each order (transaction ID) and search the entire path.

Adloop offers the ability to view paths at the Channel and Campaign levels.  

Attribution Models

Adloop offers you a choice of attribution models.

The ‘standard’ contribution models: last click, linear attribution, time decay, and bathtub attribution.

The most advanced model is Adloop’s proprietary Data-Driven attribution model based on behavioral analysis of your users’ actions. It will give you the most accurate measure of the contribution of each touchpoint to a conversion.

Note that Adloop attribution is done at the most granular level: keyword, creative, affiliate etc.

Adloop and privacy

Adloop Tracking & Attribution has been developed with the utmost respect for the user’s privacy at every stage and in accordance with European privacy regulations (RGPD, ePrivacy) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). All information is in our privacy policy.