Who is adloop?

In an ever-changing environment, our objective is to help digital marketing teams save precious time & take better investment decisions to increase marketing ROI.

Our Story

After founding and managing a data consultancy company, Adloop CEO Stéphane Gendrel realized that brands kept losing control of their marketing spend because of a lack of transparency and inadequate digital marketing tools.

Digital advertising metrics were siloed and vague – marketers didn’t know which of their ads were working and which weren’t. And no tool existed to provide full transparency on the performance of digital marketing campaigns across platforms, enabling marketers to optimize digital ad spend and effectiveness on an ongoing basis.

Stéphane founded Adloop in 2015 to respond to this problem.

Teams & Advisors

Stéphane is supported by a wonderful team, Timothée Leicht is leading our incredible development team & Audrey Marissal is doing a great job in Budapest managing our amazing customer success managers.
We are very proud to be supported by high-level investors

Our Business Values


We are accountable for our actions and results. We hold true to the commitments we make to our customers.


From our employees to our technology, transparency is at the heart of our company.

Action Oriented

We are doers. We go beyond planning and analysis to take action.

Customer Satisfaction

We listen to our customers and their business needs. We always aim to surpass their expectations with our technology and exceptional customer service.

Data Driven

Data forms the foundation of our company. Every action we recommend is driven by reliable data.

Adloop Careers

We’re Hiring!

Full Stack Engineer – Lille, France

Dynamic, passionate developer with 3+ years of professional experience. Fluency in French and English is a requirement.

Sales Engineer – Paris, France

If you have 3+ years of experience as an Online customer sales engineer contact us. Potential for the role to be remote. Fluency in the English language is a requirement.

Customer Success Manager – Budapest, Hungary

3+ years experience in the online software business. Fluency in the English language is a Requirement.

Our Offices