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Media Optimization Made Easy

Adloop uses unique behavioral algorithms to evaluate the impact of your campaigns in real-time. It guides you with simple, actionable recommendations, so you can optimize spend, boost effectiveness, and improve productivity.

See the Big Picture
and the Small Details

Designed for marketing executives and operational teams, Adloop supports digital media spend optimization at a cross-channel level and within each channel.

Marketing executive?

We provide you with channel-level performance metrics and recommendations for your global media mix.

Operational marketer?

We send you precise recommendations detailing which ads to cut and which ads to boost for maximum impact and zero waste.

Adloop in 2 minutes

Designed for Real People,
Real Action and Real Working Days


Push-mail recommendations are sent directly to those managing campaigns. You and your team can drill down into a channel at any time for granular details on ads - even to a creative level - via customizable reports.

In real time

Your team receives recommendations during the working day, when they’re working on copy and creative, or on bidding strategies. These real-time recommendations mean campaigns can be optimized while still in flight.

Prioritized actions

Adloop prioritizes recommendations by potential business impact. This allows teams to stop or change low-performing ads, freeing up budget for ads that perform better.

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Based on Your Strategic
Campaign Goals

What’s your ad’s objective? Awareness? Engagement? Conversion?

Adloop scores each ad with KPIs based on your goals and sends recommendations to improve the overall performance of an entire channel.

Clarity and Control

Easily organize and manage your digital media teams – across all brands, countries and campaigns – from one single platform.

Ensure each team member has access to the performance data they need to enable them to take action to optimize digital media spend.

Understand the performance of all ads across all campaigns, improve coordination and boost productivity and quality of work.

Improved clarity control |
  • Awareness
  • Conversion

How it works

We measure real-life, on-site interactions with every ad served. Our behavioral algorithms score each of your ads based on the behaviors they trigger on your site (content consumption, conversions, pages visited, forms completed, etc.).

Powered by Exclusive Behavioral Algorithm

By analyzing the user behavior triggered by different ads, we identify the real value of each ad. How? By scoring every ad for its ability to do what it’s supposed to – create a paying customer, deliver engagement or increase awareness. And we can also combat fraud by identifying suspicious ads.
Together we define threshold ad scores for conversion, engagement and awareness, and an acceptable ad price for achieving these goals. Based on this information and the goals of each ad campaign, we send push-mail recommendations on how to optimize each ad.

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