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Understanding the offline impact of digital media

The Context

In a context where digital budgets are a growing chunk of advertizers’ media plans yet the majority of sales still happen offline in physical stores, there is a real need to understand the influence of digital media on offline purchase behavior.

The Challenge

How does one implement a holistic measurement ecosystem capable of attributing the credit of an offline sale to a digital touchpoint?

Our approach

Over the course of several months, Adloop worked with Richemont and its adtech and analytics partners in order to connect to all relevant data sources and produce real-time performance reports of how digital media was impacting both online sales (ecommerce) and offline sales (call center and retail stores). The contribution of specific elements and their place in the funnel was measured and calculated from the most granular level (keywords, ads, placements, etc…) all the way up to the channel type (SEA, SEO, Display, Social, etc…)

Measurement & Marketing Technologies Manager at Richemont
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