About us

We are Adloop, a French start-up based in Paris and Budapest. Nothing new under the sun, since Louis XIV of France was already close to Ferenc Rákóczi II.

The concept of Adloop was born in 2014. Established by the end of 2015, Adloop developped a unique approach of digital marketing optimization. The idea became a platform, carried by clients - such as M6 Boutique, Disney, Aramis Auto… -, and a team based in Paris, Marseille and Budapest.

Adloop’s genesis

As he was leading the data analytics consulting agency Adversitement, Stéphane identifies a critical need of his clients in managing their digital marketing, a need poorly addressed by existing technologies. We are in 2015. Adloop starts as an R&D project. But the ambition is there: to create a platform that addresses the issues of managing the performance of digital marketing.

The problem

Advertisers and their agencies do not have the time to manage their campaigns continuously. And when they do so, they are not backed up by the right tools. They are forced to juggle between the granular but biased views of ad-centric tools and the holistic views of attribution solutions that can only allow them to take actions on a macroscopic scale.

But to optimize is to proceed at level of the campaign, the creative ad, or the ad-group. Who has the time to act continuously and in detail on such masses of data? As a result, there is a huge optimization potential in digital marketing. Therefore, the question arises on the choice of the right attribution technology.

The vision

For Adloop, the value of an advertisement is defined by the customer behaviors it triggers. An ad that generates bounces is bad, an ad that generates quality visits is good. Consumers, through their engagement on our clients’ websites, tell us the capacity of a creative ad to generate engagement and sales.

In the Era of customer experience, where advertising must become a conversation starter, more and more experiential, acknowledging the customer journey is for us the closest to the truth. Or in any case to the customer.

The Founders

Stéphane Gendrel is our CEO and the founder of Adloop. Shortly after graduating from Paris-Dauphine University, Stéphane creates his first web agency that he sells to Smile agency. He then establishes the e-marketing agency Adversitement France. During these years of consulting in analytics, he understands the difficulties that Marketing Directors have in managing their media investments. Stéphane teaches at Celsa Sorbonne University and kitesurfs in Brazil.

Christopher Bograt is our CTO. Because building a software is much more than making a beautiful code, Christopher monitors the “UX Adloop” very closely. Before joining Adloop, Christopher worked in several projects and led their development (plus d’infos).  Adloop was the awaited opportunity to build a revolutionary product. Christopher is a bearded boxer who runs along the Danube in the morning.

Charles de Saint Remy is our Managing Director. Before joining Adloop, Charles worked at Digitas and later at Prosodie Capgemini, in charge of new product releases. His efforts led Capgemini to be referenced as a leader in the Gartner. Charles is passionate about transmitting ideas, while simplifying complex subjects. Charles does triathlon and One Man Shows.

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